Sleep and dreams

The amount of people that wake up tired and without energy in the morning is growing continuously. This is a dramatic loss of life energy. Prescriptions for sleeping pills and tranquilizers are made by the millions, with no end in sight. But they only daze and in no way do they provide a healthy sleep. The important phases of sleep are eliminated and cause a paralyzing torpor all day. A deficit of sleep can cause a whole range of pathological changes, like emotional disorder, lack of concentration, hypersensitivity, neurosis and leads finally to burnout.


The following IUG essences can bring harmony and order between our daily activities and our nightly rest. Relaxation is possible and we can disconnect from the days worries. The right energies help our body to recharge its batteries ideally. My wife, myself and my family do not suffer from insomnia. We are very active and we like to leave the days activities in “the drawer”. Still, each one of us takes one of those essences before going to bed. A recuperating, regenerating sleep with dream phases bringing us messages from our subconscious is a source of great pleasure.


The astral body (also called emotional body) leaves at night our physical and etheric body (while being still connected by the silver cord) but is recalled at each awakening and this causes a considerable loss of the REM phases. To explain what I just wrote I would like to give you the following example:

To clean a house thoroughly it is easier when no one is at home. This is exactly what a body needs too. The astral body (emotional body) goes away and lets the etheric body (energy body) the possibility to repair the physical body, eliminating thereby the loss of energy caused by the day’s activity. You will easily understand that a sound sleep is immensely important to be in a good mood, and is the masterkey for longevity and the best quality of life and general wellbeing.


IUG Angel Skin – South Node (Neptune + 9) Provides inspiration concerning the past.

IUG Blue – Calmavital (5) + Neptune Calming effect of the blue color + more intuition.

IUG Blue – Indigo – Violet An alliance of 3 calming colors.

IUG Calmavital 1 The calming colors of the rainbow, Violet + Ultraviolet.

IUG Calmavital 2 Balancing and centering the Green color in connection with silver.

IUG Calmavital – 5 – Ete – Goldpigment Stimulating dreams.

IUG Delta Waves Frequency (A) Deep relaxation, profound sleep without dreamphases.

IUG 5 Hertz Frequency (C) Relaxing, the mind finds calmness and a new outlook.

IUG Indigo – Calmavital 5 Great inspiration and mystical love, intuition.

IUG Indigo – Chiron Sound sleep.

IUG Indigo – Manganese (6 – 3) Relaxes muscles and helpful for sleep.

IUG Mars – Venus (3 – 6) Balance between activity and rest and between Yang and Yin.

IUG Memory & Concentratiion 8 Enhancing concentration, communication and memory.

IUG Skin (Infrared – Indigo)(9 – 6) Letting go of the past (relationships …)

IUG Vit. B Complex wavelength (A) Improving regeneration of nervous system


Recommendation 1

Ideally you should choose 2 or 3 essences from the list according to your feeling and apply them as follows:

Recommended use

Spray the areas of Crown and Solar Plexus.

Recommendation 2

This way of using the essences is even better. Most people knowing our essences since years spray a different essence each day of the week  


Sunday         IUG Calmavital 5 - Ete - Goldpigment

Monday        IUG Calmavital 2

Thuesday      IUG Deltawaves Frequency (A) (universal)

Wednesday   IUG Green-Calmavital 5

Thursday      IUG Blue-Calmavital 5

Friday           IUG Mars-Venus

Saturday       IUG Blue-Indigo-Violet


Posology: spray the Crown & Solar Plexus areas.