According to tradition, the vital energy “Qi” flows through a system of Meridians also called Channels (Canals passing subcutaneously through the body), with the aim to regulate the body.

Traditional Chinese Medicine informs us that here are 12 meridians plus the Central and Governing vessel with hundreds of acupuncture points along them. The names of the meridians are derived from the vital functions and organs with which they are associated. We should however not confuse the Meridians with the organs and classify them as equal. The 12 organ Meridians transport energy throughout the body. When the energy of a Meridian is blocked, one cannot jump to conclusions and consider that the corresponding organ is having a problem. We can only notice that part of the flow of energy is inhibited. The meridians are also connected to each other and when they are in perfect harmony with each other we can regenerate ourselves , have enough energy at our disposal and have a dynamic and joyful life. The IUG Meridian essences are a helpful tool to improve the flow of energy through the meridians in the respective areas.  

Meridian program

This is a weekly program with indications of the most ideal time to apply IUG Meridian essences on particular body zones and neurovascular points on the head. With this preventive approach you “keep the wolves at bay” (prevention is always easier than a cure) and strengthen the flow of energy through the whole meridian system.

Weekdays                        (between h)                                  (between h)                               (between h)








5-7     IUG Red Orange

5-7     IUG Red Orange

11-13  IUG Skin

15-17  IUG Echium

5 - 7    IUG Red Orange

11-13  IUG Angel Skin

11-13  IUG Spine


19-21 IUG Subst Nigra

7-9     IUG Valeriane

13-15  IUG Moon


19-21 IUG Yellow Sun

13-15  IUG Slate

15-17 IUG Oxalis Flava


1-23 IUG Harmony

9-11 IUG Molybdenum

21-23 IUG Harmony

17-19 IUG Zinc-Manganes

21-23 IUG Harmony

Indications: At the given time you should apply one drop or spray the areas of the body and the

neurovascular points on the head as it is recommended and indicated in our book. “Harmonize your Meridians” . 

Personalized Meridian Program

 I test radiesthetically (whether you are present or far away makes no difference for me) which meridians need to be tuned and harmonized and make “taylormade” the required personalized Meridian complex. Many of the Meridian complexes I made in Germany have been tested with Electroacupuncture instruments according to Dr. Voll (Dermatron equipment). You can also use other similar equipment or visit a medical doctor or Naturopathic doctor. The numerous tests confirmed always a 100% the accuracy of the Test I made concerning the meridians that needed tuning. The Meridian Complex is supplied in a 100 ml bottle plus an empty 10 ml bottle. It is convenient to fill the 10ml dropper bottle from the 100ml bottle so that you can apply some drops or spray the body areas and neurovascular points at the precise times. You can also if you wish apply some drops on the reflex points of hands and feet. You will receive very clear and precise instructions. 



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