What do the stars say?

The heavenly spheres have something to tell us - they speak about God. They convey knowledge about his eternal will and his plan. Regarding the creation of heaven we can read in Genesis chapter 1, verse 14., and God said "Let there be lights in the vault of the sky so seperate the day from the night and let them serve as signs to mark sacred times and days and years and let them be lights in the fault of the sky to give light on the earth". And it was so! Men are the most perfect creation of the Creator and it is no accident or coincidence that we are born here or there at a specific time; indeed it is the outcome of an intention and plan.  

With God nothing happens by chance or accidentially. The planets are endowed with a god given task to play a special role influencing us on the body, symptomatic and psycho-somatic levels. For the first time since Atlantis and thanks to 44 years of experience, we are able to create connections and harmonious fusions of elements and opposite polarities. All IUG essences (colors and trace elements) connect to the sphere of influence of the ruling planets and chakras (areas) involved. Since planets in the solar System are subject to different cycles, this aspect is to be taken into consideration.


Here are some examples:

The fastest moving planets are the Moon and Mercury with a respective cycle of 29 1/2 and 88 days. Essences ruled by the Moon (IUG Orange, IUG Silver) and those ruled by Mercury (IUG Green) are therefore quick in showing results or effectiveness. Combinations of those essences like IUG Orange-Green, IUG Calmavital 2 (Silver + Green) are therefore characterized by even  faster results. Another example is IUG Multimin-Regenerin a Moon-Saturn alliance. As mentioned above, the Moon has an 29 1/2 days cycle, while Saturn has a 29 1/2 years cicle. This makes a difference of a factor 365, meaning, that Saturn requires 365 more time in ist orbit around the sun as the Moon requires in ist orbit around earth. From a practical point of view it is worth mentioning that, when we are confronted with long-term problems, we can see Saturn's signature. There are some astrological aspects during our lives leading towards serious potential problems. Certain aspects of Saturn in the birth Chart (or with Saturn transits) can be indicators for potential acute problems. They can indeed become unyielding and ruthless.

Around the age of 58 / 59 we witness Saturn's second return. Your are welcome to explore more on www.aquariuspapers.com/astrology/2010/05/jupiter-return-and-saturn-return---at-the-same-time.html  


Our concept aims to soften hard aspects in the birth chart or difficult transits. To soften the impact,we recommend to apply drops of essences on the skin in the solar plexus area. We prepare essences from gems and minerals ruled by Saturn, combining them cosmocyclically with gems and minerals ruled by other planets = i.e. IUG Calmavital 1 (so called planetary alliances).

Here you find a few essences "building harmonizing bridges" between Saturn and other planets:


IUG Multimin-Regenerin (7-2)         combines Saturn and Moon energies

IUG Indigo-Molybdenum (6-7)         combines Venus and Saturn energies

IUG Indigo-Violet (6-7)                      combines Venus with Saturn (7)

IUG Blue-Indigo (5-6)                        combines Jupiter with Venus

IUG Calmavital I (7-8)                       combines Saturn with the North Node of the Moon


In each case the corresponding  planets are harmoniously connected to each other. Without the IUG fusion process, they are known to be rather inimical to each other. This IUG process gives them enhanced effectiveness.


Persons being active in the healing arts and everyone wishing to benefit from the beneficial intervention of "Chiron" can find here a therapeutical Inspiration. Within the planetary system Chiron is known as the healer. In my horoscope Chiron is placed in Virgo, an ideal sign for healers.


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To enable you to build bridges of energy in Chirons' sphere of influence,  I have created a series of alliances connecting Chiron with the:


Sun         IUG Detox-Chiron (1)

Moon      IUG Orange-Chiron (2)

Mercury IUG Green-Chiron (4)

Jupiter    IUG Blue-Chiron (5)

Venus      IUG Indigo-Chiron (6)

Pluto        IUG Ulceratt-Chiron


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How to apply the essences

Good astrologers and numerologists need decades to acquire an extensive amount of knowledge and experience - above all, they need the faculty to apply knowledge (Mercury ruled) with conscience (Jupiter ruled). We have developed methods and tools to help the layman in making choices on how he/she can tap his/her potential and benefit more from "the winds of destiny".


1. Choose essences according to your feeling and theme, based on the short desctiptions

2. Apply numerology: Numerology

3. Astrology: Click www.astrodienst.com, register, choose extended chart selection, look for "additional objects" show descending node and aspects lines to Chiron.







This is how to you can see your horoscope. In French they call the horoscope "La carte du ciel" which means "the map of heaven". You can apply Astrology in an easy way by following a few hints: Favorable aspects are in blue, neutral ones in green and difficult ones (rather unfavorable aspects) in red. In the  IUG methodology planets are connected to numbers (see color Chart). You can of course request the advice of professional Astrologers for a variety of subjects. Some are specialized in a particular field.

Please see also:  http://darkstarastrology.com/moon-trine-neptune/ 


In the IUG System, planets are connected to numbers. See color chart.


You can apply one of the following methods:

1.  Astrology according to planetary aspects: It is a well documented fact, that planets enjoying favorable aspects are more beneficial in the sphere of influence of the planets as well as the chakra involved than those with unfavorable aspects. Taking my horoscope as an example, you can see that Venus is blessed with a good aspect (sextile) to Pluto, to the Moon (2) and the North Node of the Moon (8) (the trine to the South Node is not indicated as the South Node - ruler of the past, and therefore very important from a karmic point of view - is usually not mentioned in a horoscope but always at 180 degrees away from the North Node). Venus has also a trine to Uranus. According to our experience, essences like Indigo-Silver (6-2), Indigo-Ultraviolet (6-8) can be quite beneficial to enhance the favorable aspect of the birthchart. We know, that Venus rules the kidneys, estrogens and the third eye. In General we can say, that any Venus ruled essence (one containing Indigo) is automatically good for me, but also for other people taking Indigo essences, because my well aspected Venus helps me making those Indigo essences in the best way possible.


Since you can see in the Chart which numbers correspond to planets and essences, you will easily be able to find essences on our Website which are good for you. Make your choice of essences that are assigned to a number(s) corresponding to planets having more blue than red lines. With the IUG Essences you can enhance with a "lever" the beneficial aspect of planets and perform tasks and talents in a better way. Planets with beneficial aspects in your horoscope are both, senders and receivers which means, that they become even more beneficial when you apply the essences matching the planets. Over the years all planets move (transits) so that a beneficial, well "charged planet" can emit energy to planets that are less beneficial in you horoscope (like  someone with a high income paying a higher tax, benefitting the needy. 

2. Astrology according to Numerology

    see: Numerology


3. Astrology according to elements

When you look at your horoscope you can see a list where planets are classified according to their Location influenced by the respective element of the sign (fire, air, water, earth). Elements represent an essential part of classic Astrology and are connected to particular tasks. I abstain from any comments concerning a particular sign of the Zodiac, because it is more important to look at how the planets are spread out in the signs according to elements.

The position of the Sun sign ist not the most important factor in a horoscope. There are 15 planets (counting also South Node Ascendant, Chiron and MC) to be taken into account.


Have a look at my horoscope:

a) 4 planets in Fire signs

b) 6 planets in Air signs (actually there are 7 when we take the postions of the South Node

          - always   180 degrees apart form the North Node. Some Computers do not print it!

c) 3 planets in Water signs

d) 1 planet (Chiron) in Earth element ( in this case in Virgo) the best sign for Chiron since Chiron is healer and this is the sphere I am in.


Someone who has been an idealist for too long with the tendency to neglect her/his financial aspects and material possessions usually shows deficiencies of Earth element. This is probably why I am not interested in materialism.


Descriptions of the 4 elements


The Fire element

If there is too much Fire (many planets in one or various Fire signs = Leo, Aries, Sagittarius) this could lead to a hot tempered personality, impatience, nervousness, even fits of rages!

To balance such a tendency I recommend a few combinations of IUG Essences, binding the Fire to the water element.


IUG Red-Orange (1-2)

IUG Yellow-Green (3-4)

IUG Red-Orange-Yellow-Green (1-2-3-4)

IUG Mars-Venus (3-6)


However, if there is a lack of Fire element (no planets at all, or few planets in Fire sign) there will not be enough inner drive, ability to assert oneself, Stamina or staying power, and poor circulation of the blood!


 To Balance the deficit of Fire element I recommend:   

IUG Fire Element Wavelength (A)

IUG Infrared (9)

IUG Infrared-Red (9-1)

IUG Red (1)

IUG Red-Orange (1-2)

IUG Yellow (3)

IUG Detox Chiron (1)

IUG Detox-Zinc (1+Uranus)

IUG Detox-Magnesium 2 (1+3)

IUG Gold-Schinus (1+ Pluto = the two rulers of  the base Chakra)

IUG Gold-Calcium Fluor (1+3)

IUG Gold-Manganese (1+3)

IUG Silver-Magnetite (2+3)

IUG Silver-Manganese (2+3)  


The Air element

The air element carries the following atributes: Analysis, expansion, exchange, movement, thinking, receptivity, flexability, ideas, intellectuel challenges, communication, knowledge, cleverness, contact, learning, speaking, capacity for repartee, change, negotiation, comprehension, versatility. The Air signs are Gemini, Libra, Aquarius.


IUG-Air Element Wavelength (A)

IUG Blue (5)

IUG Blue-Chiron (5)

IUG Blue-Indigo-Violet (5-6-7)

IUG Violet (7)

IUG Carmavital 1 (7-8)

IUG Substantia Nigra Wavelength (A)


The Earth element

Earth is the element of our Body. It characterizes durability, sustainability, matter, order, security, stability and structure. Persons marked by this element are pragmatic in their thinking and act consistently and are down to earth! They live in the here and now! Other favourable atributes are persistence, perseverance, patience, thoroughness, sense of responsibility, which inevitably leads to success and possession! If there is a deficit of Earth element (only 1 or 2 planets in an Earth sign =Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) it might be difficult for those persons living in the material world. They might lack the perseverance to transform their ideas into action! You can enhance the Earth element inside of you with the following essences:


IUG Earth Elemement Wavelength(A)

IUG Green (4)

IUG Green-Chiron (4)

IUG Green-Calmavital 5 (4 + Neptun)

IUG Orange-Green (2+4) (connects Earth and Water element)

IUG Calmavital II (2+4) (connects Earth and Water element)  


The Water element

Nothing can thrive without water - everything withers. Plants need water and without water people would die of thirst and starvation. Water is adaptable, alive, compassionate, helpful, fertile, flowing, friendly, fruitful, nurturing, soothing, sharing, penetrating, productive.

Water makes everything smoother and softer.


IUG Water Element Wavelength (a)

IUG Moon
IUG Orange

IUG Orange-Chiron


IUG Water Element Wavelength (A)   contains the vibration (frequency) of the water element at its best so that earth, plants and the animal kingdom as well as humans may benefit from the attributes described in the paragraph above concerning the water element.
IUG Moon is an essence containing the vibration that the earth's satelite (commonly called "planet Moon " in astrological terms) conveys at its best, when in the most favorable sign and well  aspected so that  the  energy of the  moon  can be  transmitted  to  whatever and whoever comes into contact with those drops.
IUG Orange-Chiron is an essence containing an alliance of 2 energies,namely the elixir made cosmocyclically from pure pearls in association with the frequency of planet Chiron "the healer"  as starologers describe this planet. All what falls under the rulership and influence of the Moon and Chiron from an energetic point of view is harmonized and enhanced.
Too much water  causes dependency, apathy, moodiness, amorphousness.  In such a case I recommend essences that represent a fusion of the water element with the fire element. This will lead to more activity.


IUG Red-Orange

IUG Silver-Magnetite

IUG Silver-Manganese

IUG Orange-Calcium Fluor




Astronomy compels the soul to look upwards and leads us from this world to another