Rescue and Emotions

A world without feelings is sterile; feelings are an expression of the soul but strong emotions can blind our objectivity and could influence negatively our capacity to take wise decisions.

IUG Rescue Gems 2

This essence contains  IUG Indigo made from diamonds under the best astrological aspects of Venus. A component from IUG BioVitalSpace to protect the AURA


IUG Gold and IUG Silver

Spraying a dilution of Rescue Gems 2 on the solar plexus area and face and upon any area where you feel pain is relaxing, and protects you fro complications and confusion placing you in an invisible protective and regenerative space. It can dissolve traumatic memories.


IUG Rescue Gems and Flowers

This essence contains:

The 5 Bach flower essences Star of Bethlehem, Rock Rose, Impatiens, Cherry Plum & ClematisA component from IUG Biovitalspace to protect the AURA

IUG Calmavital 2 (2 – 4) click Dreams + sleep

IUG Indigo – Silver (6 – 2)

IUG Indigo – Calmavital 5 (6 + Neptune)

IUG Green – Calmavital 5 (4 + Neptune)


IUG R ed – Orange essences/ see also the following description: the Joy area on the wrist


IUG BioVitalSpace

This essence is very helpful (besides the protection of the Aura) to keep emotions under control and helps us to improve the relationship with our environment. BioVitalSpace protects us from negative thoughts and attitudes.

IUG 72,000 Nadis Opt. (C)Optimizes the flux of energy in the body, especially for the subtle nervous system. Prana must flow.

IUG Parasympathetic – Sympathetic N.S. Balance Opt. (A)

IUG Positive Thoughts Opt. (A) Optimizes our capacity to think positively 

+ leads to spiritual growth


IUG Progastination Solving (C)  Efficiency, serenity, concentration, resolving pending issues.

IUG Self Esteem Opt. (B)

IUG Thankfulness Opt. (A) Motivates to show more gratitude in daily life

IUG Thoughtfulness Opt. (A)

IIUG Harmony

IUG Valeriane



Dr Massaru Emoto said that Love and Gratitude creates the nicest water Crystal

Joy Opt. (A)

Globus – Pallidus Opt. (A)

Globus – Pallidus Stimulation Opt. (AA)

These 3 essences contain the frequencies that stimulate joy in us


Indications: Please look at the Chart below for details.


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