Colour Essences

According to 6ooo year old vedic scriptures, the creator irradiates light which condenses into matter. We also know that a prism is instrumental in showing (refracting) the 7 visible colours.  The use of gems (Lithos) and colours (Chromo) for therapeutic purposes goes back thousands of years. In the seventeenth century Antronio de Dominus said: „Colours find their origin in Light - colours are Light.“  

"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was without form, and void; and darkness was on the face of the deep. And the spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters. Then God said, " Let ther be Light" and  there was light. (Book of Genesis 1400 BC)


The danish medical doctor Niels Finsen received in 1903 the Novelprize for his research in Chromotherapy. No one however had mentioned a connection of gems and colours until Dr. A.K. Bhattacharya gave their contribution. Their research motivated me to work with the 9 colours of the spectrum and to pursue this experience with a whole range of products. Some colours are stimulating, others are rather soothing. Some are warm, some cooling. Colours can provide joy, zest for life, stillness, warmth. All essences are inspired by ayurvedic scriptures and made cosmocyclically in the anthroposophic tradition (at the most auspicious time) choosing ideal constellations.)


EVERYTHING visible in the Universe is made from colours. What matters is that one must have an „Internal Balance of colours“ to be able to enjoy food health. Therefore it is logic to absorb those colours that are lacking and to neutralize those that are in excess. This is possible both by taking individual colours and combinations (alliances) of colours.  


Single remedies                                                                        Combined remedies

Infrared 9                                                                                   Infrared-Red 9-1

Red 1                                                                                          Red-Orange 1-2

Orange 2                                                                                     Red-Orange-yellow-Green 1-2-3-4

Yellow 3                                                                                     Orange-Yellow 2-3

Green 4                                                                                       Orange-Yellow-Green 2-3-4

Blue 5                                                                                         Yellow-Green 3-4

Indigo 6                                                                                      Yellow-Green-Indigo-Violet 3-4-6-7

Violet 7                                                                                       Green-Blue 4-5

Ultraviolet 8                                                                                Blue-Indigo 5-6

                                                                                                    Blue-Indigo-Violet 5-6-7

                                                                                                   Indigo-Violet 6-7

                                                                                                   Violet-Ultraviolet 7-8

The numbers written behind the names correspond to chakras and Planets. 


IUG 7 Colours contains the energy and vibration of the 7 visible colours of the rainbow, namely, Red-Orange – Yellow – Green – Blue – Indigo – Violet. These colours are respectively made from Rubi, Pearl, Coral, Emerald, Imperial Topaz, Moon Stone, Diamonds, and Blue Saphire.


IUG 9 Colours contains the energy and vibrations of the 7 visible colours plus the 2 invisible ones;

Infrared and Ultraviolet – these are made from Crysoberyl Cats eve and Onyx.


IUG 9 Colours CM is a homeopathic high potency of IUG 9 Colours and is what we recommend by burnouts, exhaustion, severe lack of energy to escape a vicious cirle of unbalance.

IUG Infrared Made from Crysoberyl Cats Eye, Infrared (the neighbor of red in the Spectrum) is like red, a manifestation of the fire element. Infrared is Astrologically speaking, ruled by planet Kethu the South Node of the Moon. Indian astrology names Kethu the (ruler) regent of the past. This is why the Indian healing arts, conveyed partly be Dr. B. Bhattacharya, prescribe Infrared in all chronic cases.


Persons with numbers sucha as 5-6-7-8 are considered to be influenced by the Blue side of the spectrum (Blue Indigo, Violet, Ultraviolet) and might find Infrared as well as Infrared-Red and Red-Orange a balancing and harmonizing benefit.


IUG Infrared-Red It is a main feature of IUG combinations of essences that those blendings ruled and strenghthened by planetary alliances due to special constellations, represent more energetically as the sun of the parts. We aim thereby to balance, enhance the „energetic capital“ of the consumer. At last everything is energy and as the saying goes in India: too much is not enough! Such a combination is ideally suitable to massage the legs, thighs and the coccyx area.


IUG Red Made from Ruby it is ruled by the Sun, confers a warming Yang energy, strenghthens aour intellectual resistance capacity and stimulates the first chakra. Persons with a personality or destiny number one are influenced by the red side of the rainbow. These persons can benefit by using essences contining Red (1) allied to other colours. IUG Red-Orange (1-2) or IUG Red-Molybdenum (1-7) or IUG Red-Orange-Yellow Sun (2-9) or IUG Red-Orange-Yellow-Green (1-2-3-4) as they have a blancing and broadening effect.


On the other hand, people with numbers 5-6-7-8 are considerably infuenced by the blue side of the spectrum and might suffer from varicose veins or poor circulation.

In such a case a compensatory influence can be found with the following essences:


IUG Infrared

IUG Infrared-Red

IUG Red-Orange


These essences show a tendency towards strengthening will power, courage, enabling the body to defend itself.  Red is closely connected to the sun a ruler “par excellence” of the fire element. It helps us to improve our sense of duty. Red is more efficient in the morning, it gives a boost for the day. The same applies for our Gold Essences. Our message here is: Instead of too much coffee – more of a morning boost with colour essences.


IUG Red-Orange Made from Ruby and Pearl, ruled by the sun and the moon – the two planets closest to earth. It caters for balance between fire and water and its purpose is to harmonize Yin and Yang energies in the body. Its effects last for most of the day. This product is very easy to apply on particular areas of the body. It is worth mentioning that out of the 12 Meridians  6 are Yin and 6 are Yang. In traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture practitioners aim always for a balance between Yin and Yang energies – this is indispensable to feel good. The way we prepare this fusion of the Fire and Water element we can proudly say it is a “Première” a “First” in the World of energies at least since Atlantis. Red-Orange is ideal for massaging legs and veins and firming the thighs. You can also apply a drop on the temples as well as palms of the hand and hand reflex points (see ourbook: Harmonize your meridians), kidney points, etc.


IUG Red-Orange-Yellow-Green This is a grand alliance between planets Sun-Moon-Mars-Mercury made from Ruby-Pearl, Coral & Emerald. The 4 cosmic colours derived from those four gems are precisely those corresponding to Chakras 1 to 4 , the exceptional feature of this alliance is to eliminate potential blockages that may be present between 2 or more of those Chakras. Only initiates are usually aware of such problems and this is the softest possible way to unblock the flow of energy in that area.


IUG Orange Made from fine quality pearls, our Orange is ruled by the moon and is a manifestation of the Water element. No wonder, the Moon rules the second day of the week as well as the second Chakra which is the main “superintendent” for the proper functioning of the Water Kidneys in the body, and this Chakra plays also a major role in fertility and women’s menstrual cycle. A well aspected moon in a horoscope leads to a regular and reliable menstrual cycle. When it is not the case, cosmocyclic “fine tuning” can compensate. The role of the Moon is essential in agriculture. A well aspected Moon at the time of planting and irrigating, ideally enhanced with cosmocyclically prepared essences (see-Plants) will provide better and larger crops. The Moon, ruler of the Water element, assists plants to pull up the juices from the soil. A deficit of Orange in the Aura is caused by an unfavourable (signs + oppositions to the moon in the horoscope) aspect of the Moon towards other planets in the birth chart and can usually be decoded already just by looking at the numbers (numbers ruled by planets unfriendly to the Moon). Human beings are just as dependent of the Moon as agriculture – good aspects are essential. Too much fire causes in high blood pressure in every second man above the age of 50. They Need obviously to take up more water element to get back in balance – not more pills which even after 20 years wont solve the problem. What does the fire department do when there is fire (fire is a manifestation of excess fire element) ? – they use water. It is as simple as that. Humans and agriculture could fare a lot better by applying a bit more logic. Natural pearls are made up by calcium carbonate. Because of this the IUG Orange Essence, alchemically made from pearl, can be helpful in stimulating proper absorption of Calcium, for example in bones and hair, but also in eliminating undesirable deposits that hemper proper blood circulation. In this context please consider also the following essences:


IUG Orange-Yellow Contains the association of 2 neighbouring colours in the stimulating side of the rainbow. This essence is made up by the water element Orange (which we make with the finest natural pears) and ruled by the Moon – harmoniously bound to Yellow, the Mars ruled Yang fire element. Our IUG Yellow is made with wite and red coral. This essence can provide a good boost of energy to the area served by chakras 2 and 3. Who knows a bit of Astrolog y will probably argue that Mars and the Moon are not friends in heaven. True – BUT here this combination is made with one extensive knowhow which binds these 2 heavenly spheres in a unique manner. Therefore IUG Orange-Yellow is able to eliminate blockages between Chakras 2 and 3. Such special features are inherent characteristics of all our IUG combinations of two or more colours/and/or Trace elements. In this particular essence we have a fusion of the elements Water and Fire, endowed with “an automatic pilot system” which will with its own intelligence and according to the specific balancing heeds of the consumer, transmute water in fire or vice-versa.


IUG Orange-Green Made with Pears and Emerald – ruled vy the Moon and Mercury – it is a combination of the water element with the Earth element. Again a very effective essence for those with too much fire, like those suffering from high blood pressure.


IUG Yellow Made with white and red coral and ruled by planet Mars, it is a stimulating -Yang energy providing courage an strengthening the will to be. Indian scriptures inform us that this Colour nourishes the blood and bone marrow. Yellow they say stimulates the appetite and delivers energy in the area of the third Chakra.


IUG Yellow lifts us, brings us in a good mood when we spray the essence on the solar plexus area. It gives us stability, security and strength for the day.


IUG Yellow-Green Contains the warm Colour of the rainbow = Yellow (a Yang energy and expression of the fire element harmoniously bound to the neutral Green Earth element.The respective “rulers ” Mars and Mercury” are no particular friends in the sky. But as I have mentioned it a few times in different terms; in such an IUG alliance we find more than a simple “Modus Vivendi” between neighbors. Our concept transcends the limited scope of linear thinking and is a genuine “Giving and Taking” of energy between planets with a perfect consensus. IUG Yellow-Green aims to influence Chakras 3 and 4 positively, not only energizing these chakras individually but eliminating eventual blockages between these 2 Chakras. It harmonizes persons applying the essence on their body.


IUG Yellow-Green-Blue-Indigo-Violet Contains these 5 colours which follow each other in the Spectrum = warm yellow, neutral green and 3 cooling colours: blue – indigo – violet the user obtains with this essence harmonious influx of energy in these 5 areas of the body and will be able to eliminate eventual blockages occurring in this area. We witness here the presence of a great alliance of energies in the realms of Colors and Planets working harmoniously and synergetically. To be able to make such a sophisticated fusion and alliance of energies it was necessary to find a very rare “time window” when all of these 5 planets were harmoniously placed to each other in the sky – without saying this happens very rarely.


IUG Green Made with finest emerald. Mercury rules Wednesday the day in the middle of the week (in German called Mittwoch = literally in the middle of the week) and rules also the Color Green, which is in the middle of the rainbow. Green holds the balance between the warm and cooling side of the Spectrum, and energizes the Heart Chakra and the area around it. It is not surprising that we find the Green Colour in its many shades all over nature. “Green food” provides the ideal nutrition for human beings. Instinctively animals favor given tool. Green is strengthening in the broadest way, no wonder that the essential oil of pines helpful is for our respiratory system. In mythology they call Mercury the ambassador of the gods. An ambassador is usually an excellent communicator with good memory and concentration. Communication is essential in the human body, as much internally as externally. Green plays also in the selection of our IUG Essences, an important role, providing a kind of “catalytic” effect. Level effect .


IUG Green-Blue contains the 2 neighboring colors green and blue. Green is the bridge connecting the warm and cold side of the spectrum – a neutral energy acting as enhancer to provide a level effect to other energies associated with it. This essence is helpful in the areas under the influence of the 4th and 5th Chakra and in functions under the rulership of Mercury and Jupiter. This essence helps us to achieve a balance between knowledge (Mercury) and conscience (Jupiter).


IUG Blue Made with imperial Topaz and Moonstone is ruled by Jupiter, the regent of the 5th day of the week. Nordic countries call Jupiter Thor ethymologically visible (jeudi, giovedi, jueves) and rules also the 5th color of the rainbow with its cooling attributes. Indian scriptures relate that blue is the colour of our 5th Chakra and gifted persons seeing the aura can confirm this.  Indian chromotherapy informs us that the blue colour diminishes our appetite whereas Yellow stimulates the appetite. These guidelines are welcome, The blue colour is helpful in Meditation and lifts us spiritually. Astrology calls Jupiter the great benefic. Jupiter balance in connection with Saturn. Grace and Sacrifice, Expansion and Contraction. A good aspect between Jupiter and Saturn (a sextile = 60 degree aspect) in my horoscope (see ) allows me to have a healthy balance between the attributes of Jupiter on Saturn, giving me a correct yardstick to measure things. Since Saturn rules the Mineral Kingdom, mines, etc… the food angle with Jupiter (expansion) has given me the impetus to transform the energy in stones from a “sleepy state” into a subtle reserboir of available expanded energies in the form of drops (IUG Essences).


Characteristics ruled by Saturn                                   Characteristics ruled by Jupiter

                   Sacrifice                                                                                        Grace

                 Contraction                                                                                   Expansion

                    Introvert                                                                                      Extrovert

                      Thin                                                                                             Broad

                      Large                                                                                           Small


IUG Blue-Indigo An essence helpful in providing the reader with a good balance is IUG Blue-Indigo-Violet .  

IUG Blue-Indigo The 2 neighboring colors in the rainbow: Blue and Indigo are ruled by Astrology’s two main benefic planets(Jupiter and Venus). These colors 5th and 6th in the spectrum are related to Chakras 5 and 6. There are estimates mentioning that 60% of women suffer from blockage of the 5th Chakra which causes at least a slight hypofunction (under-function ).A blockage of the 5th Chakra causes at least a slight hypofunction (under function) of the thyroid, and this slows the metabolism. What I find more limiting is that persons with a 5 as personality or destiny number or even as component in their birthday are usually impeded to a certain extent, to express what they would like to say. Suppressing issues end up in the unconscious, this does not make sense. In this color combination we realize a balance between a masculine aspect (Jupiter =Blue) and a feminine aspect (venus=Indigo). Blue is helpful here to strengthen the effect of Indigo on the “Third eye” to improve our discernment, insights and capacity to make better decisions.Indigo is an expression (manifestation) of the water element, and Blue an expression of the air element. This is an excellent combination to spray on the skin to provide a Venusian, beautifying,hydrating and rejuvenating effect.


IUG Blue-Indigo-Violet (click sleep & dream) These 3 neighboring colors in the cooling, calming side of the spectrum are ideally suited to use in the evening. In this threefold color & planetary alliance we obtain a balance between expansion and wisdom through Jupiter, ideal structure from Saturn and Love from Venus. Last but not least, this essence is most helpful in eliminating possible congestion and blockages between Chakras 5 & 6 and Chakras 6 & 7. IUG Indigo made from diamond is a cooling and soothing color . Indian scriptures relate that Indigo has an effect on blood and nerves. Indigo is the color of the 6th Chakra (also called third eve). In India they use Indigo to treat bronchitis, diabetes and leprosy. Indigo can provide a very powerful energy; this is the reason why I developed a series of essences combining Indigo with other colors and trace elements. This color is synonymous for beauty, compassion, love and peace, all attributes of planet Venus. Since Indigo is an expression of the water element it can provide a hydrating effect to keep our skin youthful. People meeting me always say I am a living legend for Indigo since my skin is very youthful and without wrinkles despite 72 years of sailing in this world.Using it as any other IUG Essence is very economical. Take 15 drops out of a dropper bottle adding a good water (spring or mineral water without gas) in a 30ml bottle and you are all set to spray yourself 300 times. IUG Indigo-Violet These neighboring colors are ruled by Venus and Saturn. They contain the two calming colors which are assigned to Chakras 6 & 7. Medical astrology considers Venus – the ruler of Indigo – to play a major role in the hormonal system, particularly in what pertains the estrogens and the kidneys whereas it gives to Saturn the rulership over progesterone, In these 2 colors with their influence on Chakras 6 & 7 and all other colors which are combined to these 2 we find a possibility to eliminate blockages in the respective spheres of influence. Dr. David Tansley mentions blockages between Chakras as the most difficult problem to solve in the aura of the human being. Indian scriptures tell us that Violet is also a very important color for the skin. IUG Violet made with blue-sapphire, Violet the seventh color of the spectrum falls as Saturday, the seventh day of the week under the rulership of Saturn. Indian scriptures convey the message that Violet strengthens and stimulates the nervous system and is helpful in leading us towards a philosophical way of like. Leonard da Vinci said that Meditation was easier in a violet colored environment. Violet is the color of the 7th Chakra (Crown), the center of invisible influences orchestrating our spiritual path. Vedic scriptures suggest to apply violet in case of epileptic fits, headaches, migraines, nervous tension and insomnia. It is definitely more advantageous to use the calming and soothing influence of violet at bedtime.


IUG Violet – Ultraviolet These neighboring colors are situated at the very end of the calming side of the spectrum. We witness here a combination of the elements air and water strengthening each other mutually. As always in the IUG Concept these colors are made at the ideal time when the ruling planets are in the best position. IUG Ultraviolet is the neighbor of Violet and made from Onyx ruled by Planet Rahu (the North Node of the Moon). In India they use Ultraviolet as bactericide to combat fungal infection, general infections , excess cholesterol and overacidity. Ultraviolet may be helpful as much as Violet to combat insomnia. In 1982 I created a combination between Violet and Ultraviolet that is called IUG Calmavital 1. The elements of the periodic table of Mendeleev are very important in the form of Trace elements. Like the 9 colors of the rainbow and the various tones of the musical scale they are a language of energy to bring balance and order. Research in the realm of trace elements shows how important it is for humans and agriculture to use specific elements whether in the form of matter or vibration. Truly, prevention is better than cure. In our planetary system it is a well documented fact that the Sun (the ruler of Gold and Red) and the Moon (ruler of Silver and Orange) play an essential role to provide warmth and growth. Please have a close look at our color chart. These 2 planets are closest to earth – a reason more to use various combinations of trace elements containing either gold or silver: here I mention a few of them.


IUG Gold Essences are made with native gold (native means as found in nature).

Gold can strengthen our will power so that bad habits (smoking and other addictions) can be eliminated. When you have to face a supervisor, a superior or any person of authority during a meeting it can be helpful to use one of our gold essences (for example Holding in your left hand a small one milliliter phial containing the essence – this is like having a lawyer at your side). It is preferable to apply gold drops on your body in the morning or at midday. Here follows a list of some of our trace elements (lets say at least those available on our online shop). In the list, between brackets behind the name of the essence , I mention the rulership and alliance of planets. These essences can strengthen even more the planets that are well placed in your horoscope (blue lines). Another method of selection is to use the numbers in your birthday (see – Numerology Reading). Choose essences whose names are followed with numbers that coincide with one or 2 of your numbers.


IUG Calcium Fluor                        Selenium can be helpful for the bones

IUG Gold-Calcium Fluor              (Sun (1) – Mars (3) can strengthen the bones

IUG Gold –Lapis Lazuli                (Sun (1)- Jupiter (5) can optimize the 5th Chakra

IUG Gold – Manganese                 (Sun (1) – Mars (3) Massage legs + thighs to improve circulation

IUG Gold – Schinus                       (Sun (1) – Pluto) strengthens the first Chakra (depression)

IUG Green – Zinc                           (Mercury (4) – Uranus) Smooth + youthful skin.

IUG Indigo – Gold                          (Venus (6) – Sun (1) smooth + youthful skin

IUG Indigo –Manganese                (Venus (6) – Mars (3) tighthens skin and tones muscles

IUG Indigo - Molybdenum            (Venus (6) – Saturn (7) tightens the skin and eliminates wrinkles

IUG Indigo – Zinc                           (Venus (6) – Uranus ) stimulates libido, rejuvenates skin

INDIUM                                           Catalyst – other trace elements are absorbed more efficiently

IUG Lithium 1                                 (Venus (6) brightens our mood and stimulates positive thoughts

IUG Multimin – Regenerin            (Saturn (7) – Moon (2) balances pH and remineralizes

IUG Orange–Calcium Fluor          (Moon (2) – Mars (3) can help to dissolve calculi, strengthens bones

IUG Orange – Magnesium 1          (Moon (2) – Venus (6) can help to dissolve calculi, strengthens bones

IUG Orange – Radical                    (Moon (2)– Saturn (7) can help to eliminate excessive Calcium deposits

IUG Red –Molybdenum                 (Sun (1s) – Saturn (7) strengthens first and third Chakras

IUG Silver II                                    spray 4 to 24 hour before new Moon

IUG Silver– Magnetite                    (Moon (2) – Mars (3) for sportmen and athletes

IUG Silver – Manganese                 (Moon (2) – Mars (3) helpful to avoid cramps and muscle tension


All trace elements can be used pure or diluted, applying or spraying on the skin.