Detox - Detoxification

Many health problems are caused by an overload of toxins and heavy metals. Solvents, pesticides, herbicides, isopropylalcohol, benzene preservatives, fertilizers are used in quantities as there were no tomorrow. IUG Detox essences can not only absorb,suck up toxins on a structural level but on a more subtle level as well (fixed ideas, thoughts and trauma). The problems do not arise solely due to heavy metals, the massive use of chemicals in agriculture and industry leaves many question marks. Wastewater and materials are not always disposed of as they should according to the law. Numerous scandals  have opened  the public's eye since they have often been unloaded in the environment. Research done by various universities has been published in Youtube:
WE developed a few products to  provide a protection from such a contamination. You can apply them by spraying them on various  areas of the body;stomach, liver, kidneys.  Here you find a list of various essences providing internal ease (at night),easier bowel movement, coordination of brain hemispheres, increased creativity, improved efficiency

IUG Detox  an alliance of Carbon & Silicium, detoxifying, double fire element, gives a nice lively complexion to the skin, when sprayed as a dilution you get an  enhanced effect of IUG Detox especially in the area of Chakras 2 & 3 where you can eliminate toxins and provide a boost improving the colour of the skin balancing, a variety is IUG Green-Detox, increasing the action of IUG Detox by cmbining the Carbon-Silicium  with powdered Emerald as well as IUG Detox-Sulphur providing a lever effect with the action of Sulphur can prevent flatulence and you can take it in alternance with IUG Ultraviolet

When are Detox essences beneficial
Please check the following links. They provide information so that you can realize which substances should strictly be avoided. Based on the various aspects  we have made a selection of sources of information

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