Lectures and Seminars

If there is a vast  potential of  synergies between the  activities of coaches, healers, dating agencies, marriage counsellors, businessmen and my 40 yearlong expertise., you need a STRATEGY. A strategy is based on knowledge including hidden knowledge  and since "Knowledge is Wealth" it does pay to have an edge on competition.
At birth you received "a set of cards" determined by your horoscope and numbers in your birthday" indicating your potential. To "play cards" it is essential to have trump cards if you want to get ahaead of the game. I can help you not only to play your cards strategically but to "add additional cards" by enhancing your potential.
Here are some of the reasons why my expertise can be so helpful to you
I have it already in my genes as I am the son of a very good inventor and throughout my life I have
spent half of my time studying and researching in different fields.
1. I was already a member of the foundation for the study of cycles in the early seventies.
2. I wrote a book on Numerology "The Numerological Key to success " in 1978 with an advisor to Mrs. Indira Gandhi.
3. I developed a Numbergrid which allows one to decode most anything and teach how to use it.
4. I give one hour lectures followed by questions and answers for private events (womens clubs,private parties of exclusive groups, businessmen's clubs) and public audiences (radio and television) answering live questions from the public.
5. I give a one day seminar (one day if it is without the health aspect otherwise one and a half to 2 days according to size of group) in which I teach participants what to look for according to their birthday number combinations to determine
-which days of the week are most lucky
-which days of the week are least lucky
-which days of the month are most favourable
-which days of the month are least favourable
-which years in the recent past were not good, also when such a cycle repeats itself so as to take less risks and be more careful to take long term decisions
-also which years are most favourable.
Its another way to calculate probabilities and place more odds in one's favour. Above all I teach what to look for in a potential partner's birthday:
-if lucky or not for one and to which extent
-if compatible 
and complementary as much in the material, emotional, intellectual and spiritual realms.
I speak perfectly English, French, German and Spanish and hold these lectures in the 4 languages.

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