Chakras are energy centers relaying energy between the physical and subtle bodies. According to esoteric teachings they are situated along the spine and are connected by a channel of energy called Sushumna. Each chakra vibrates with a particular Color and is connected with specific organs, functions and body areas. Our behavior, emotions, evolution, talents, maturity are influenced by the Quality and purity of the Colors as well as the size of our Chakras. Knowing this it would be foolish to bypass an opportunity to tune our Chakras with essences that are specially made for them.


In this Color Chart you can observe the correlation of numbers, 7 main Chakras, 7 days of the week, 7 Colors and 7 Planets as well as the corresponding Gems that are concentrates of those colors and the IUG Essences made from the Gems. When there are deficits or excesses of energy in one or more Chakras there will be a lack of efficiency in the related organs and functions. Music notes, Colors, Waves, Frequencies, Gems and Mineral essences can influence individual Chakras positively. HOWEVER according to Dr. David Tansley, author of 10 books, and other researchers it is much more difficult to eliminate blockages between the individual Chakras. David Tansley passed away in 1988, he has been one of my mentors and appreciated a lot my research. As witness thereof I am pleased to show here a dedication he gave me. I am very honored to have received such a message and encouragement (already more than 30 years ago) from the greatest researcher in the field of Radionics and the subtle anatomy of man.


To eliminate blockages between Chakras one to seven you can choose the following essences. The numbers behind the name indicate their specific area of application. I recommend to massage the corresponding area on both sides of your body in the front (since it is easier) and along the spine. In the immediate vicinity of each Chakra there is a gland. The inspired masters of ancient India and the spiritual teachers of the last few hundred years tell us that a harmonious connection between Chakras and Glands is essential. Besides the possibility to energize the Chakras with individual Colors or combinations of Colors you have an additional possibility to optimize structure and function of the Chakras with the following essences listed here:


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