Any energy source that does not resonate with the energy of nature and the universe creates conflict, disease, lack of peace and disharmony.Our modern technologies are out of synchronisity with nature and are creating a scenario that will bring a degree of suffering on our generation and our children as never before known by mankind. Nothing in nature was designed to live in an environment saturated with all those synthetic, man-made unnatural electromagnetic energies-they interrupt, interfere and innundate our cells with corrupt energies which in turn affect healthy cell activity, resulting in a multitude of diseases & illnesses plaguing mankind.


Can you rely on the mainstream forces of banking, business, education, energy, government, health media and technology, a world filled with deceptions, distortions,distractions and delusions leading you astray?
Each of us is an electromagnetic generator, constantly sending out beneficial or detrimental energy based on the quality of our thoughts, deeds, food we consume and surrounding? Do we want to emanate life enhancing energy or life depleting energy? 
Important to know: