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I grew up in the countryside and have always admired the beauty of Nature. This is why I have answered the call of destiny to “help” Mother Nature, the Earth and its inhabitants. My mother passed away at 103 years and was in top shape until she was 97. She ate parsley (a good source of Vitamin C) every day and grew various herbs like garlic, rosemary, sage, etc.  on her beachside terrace. What matters is not just to acquire a certain knowledge about plants, but to learn more about the influence of the various planets ruling those plants and essences that can tap cosmic energy to enhance the growth of your plants. It is definitely not an easy task for the layman to observe and interpret the significance of the Moon’s phases.. Therefore I have selected 4 essences from the Quintessence of my Research and Experience to enhance the beauty, health and nutrition of your flowers, edible plants, sprouts, while simultaneously bringing them in harmony with the cosmos. It is quite logical to assume that this harmony and energy is transmitted to the persons consuming them.


Plants are by nature True Transmitters . Alchemy is a part of natural science and aims to ennoble plants as well as all living beings and deserves its true place in the scientific realms. Despite widespread pollution of our environment and the massive use of chemicals we can still save our Earth. Together we can make it. We can bring about a new Golden Age. With the help of our essences you can improve the health of the plants on your terrace and in your garden. It is our pleasure to introduce you to these essences. IUG Plant Activator 1 is made from elixirs of 9 gems and the frequency (vibration) of 8 biodynamic products made according to Rudolph Steiner. This is most suitable for anything growing indoors – for example offices, appartments , houses and greenhouses. You might know that the Ultraviolet Color does NOT penetrate inside buildings.


IUG Plant Activator 1 is not only ideal indoors but for anything growing under the earths’ surface until it starts growing above the surface. For this reason Ultraviolet is out of the many components the main characteristic of IUG Plant Activator 1. One drop is sufficient to “give life” to one liter of water. especially in offices. IUG Plant Activator 1 can bring new life to the plants and let them blossom. With a minor investment of 36 € you get 30ml of this wonderful substance, that is 550 drops. Such a multiplicator of energy will last for a long time.


IUG Plant Activator 2 is ideal for everything that grows outdoors. It contains the frequencies of the seven visible colors of the rainbow made cosmocyclically) – see Color Chart – plus 3 Sun –Moon combinations enhancing growth, maturity, nutrition, ripening and taste. The 3 Sun – Moon alliances are IUG Red – Orange, IUG Gold – Silver and IUG Sun – Moon. The frequencies of the 8 biodynamic preparations according to Rudolph Steiner are also making a valuable contribution to the content. The indications for its use are like for IUG Plant Activator 1 – one drop per liter of water. If you use this product more often for example in agriculture, even one drop in 10 liters of water may be helpful.


IUG Flower Activator This frequency allows your plants to increase their capacity to produce flowers. This essence is not only useful for the sake of flowerbeds but also for edible plants and agricultural crops like vegetables, salads (lettuce), herbs, berries especially for those wishing to obtain seeds. If you read further you will find a Testimonial. The 30ml bottle is available for a modest investment of 36 € , one drop is sufficient for one liter of water (either in the watering can or even better in a sprayer). The variety of color will be pleasant to look at.


IUG Indigo – Gold One drop per liter of water applied on 10 square meters (110 square foot) improves the taste of Strawberries. A 30 ml bottle with 550 drops costs 55 €. In Switzerland I have a friend who contacted me first on the Internet regarding a personal health problem. He is an agricultural engineer and is a successful organic farmer. I made a special essence for his cucumbers, to increase output and taste. For his strawberries I did quite a bit more of research. Strawberries are one of my favorite fruits. Astrology considers strawberries to be ruled by the Sun and Venus and we know that the Sun rules Gold (certain scriptures tell us that gold materialized on earth as a condensation of sunlight). It makes sense. We do know that gold gave the red color to the glass in cathedrals and churches (see our Color Chart). In agriculture the Moon is responsible for growth and exerts its influence on the earths “juices“ while the Sun is instrumental for maturity ripening and taste. Astrology assigns to sugar the rulership of Venus. For decades I have been able to observe that people suffering from diabetes always had a badly aspected Venus in their horoscope. (various difficult aspects (angles of 45, 90, 135, 150 and 180 degrees). In the commodities futures market we can see that the price of sugar fluctuates under the influence of mundane favorable or unfavorable aspects between Venus and other planets.


A command of Cosmocyclic aspects in the (realms) spheres of Astrology, Numerology, Gems, Minerals, Metals and Plants, acquired over a life span of 5 decades is obviously very helpful in finding solutions even in very complicated cases. How did I proceed to find the ideal essence for Strawberries : I first made a list of Venus ruled essences.Then I wrote the Name “strawberries” inside a closed circle on a piece of paper.I held this piece of paper between thumb and Index finger of my left hand.With the small finger of the left hand I went over the names of the Venus essences with the goal in mind to find the best one so that the strawberries may taste sweeter.In the right hand I was holding a pendulum swinging it on a vertical axis and waited for a movement to the right as confirmation for the expected answer.Working in such a way I get the help of my subconscious. But I can also just approach the names of products, better still the testampules  with the small finger of my left hand and I feel if there is a resonance. 


Our Consciousness has only access to information we have been storing in a conscious way, like documents in a computer, experiences from our daily life, situations where we realize there is some kind of danger, uploading of data on a telephone or other equipment. But with a DSL connection the computer is able to load a huge amount of data from the internet. In the human brain we have the Corpus Callosum which connects both hemispheres of the brain and this makes a connection between Conscious and Subconscious possible. Therefore it is possible for persons with a good amount of experience to get ideal answers to questions with the help of radiesthesia (pendulum/radionics). The result of the test: One drop of IUG Indigo – Gold per liter of water, poured on a surface of 10 square meters and sprayed on the plants resulted in such a good effect within a couple of days. The output and especially the ripening where enhanced and the taste was very pleasant.



 A 30ml bottle contains 550 drops which means that a bottle is sufficient to treat once a surface of 5.500 square meters or you could treat 5 times a surface of 1.000 square meters over a whole season. This is economically very attractive and opens a whole world of botanic possibilities. Many people have looked at me in the past in “disbelief” saying “Faith helps”. It is true that faith is helpful, but plants and animals do not need dogma but they are open and receptive for cosmic influences – and we enhance this receptivity with our IUG Essences.



Unfortunately my “Strawberry friend” was not willing (as it happens too often) to give a testimonial, he preferred to keep the whole experience as a “well kept secret” to himself, cutting out possible competition. That’s very unfortunate – but what can we do? With our essences we can improve the sustainability of water resources, forests, animals, soil and plants and even the climate. To get more sustainability it is indispensable to reach more people so that we can make them aware of the potential. To motivate them however we need more testimonials from people using the essences. It is definitely necessary, I would say imperative to eliminate the use of herbicides, fungicides and pesticides which are poisoning the soil since too long – they allow no sustainability – unfortunately one day, our children will have to face painfully the dire reality.


We are still living an acceleration of the “Kali Yuga” cycle but together we can speed up the coming of the Golden Age “Satya Yuga”. YES WE CAN. To reach that goal we need more “Light” Lumen de Lumine (LIGHT from LIGHT  Gems are condensed Light and they come from our Creator who is Pure Light.) on earth and this is why I developed the essences so that these colors can transform, ennoble people and nature. We feel so much better when our families, colleagues, neighbors and friends feel better.

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